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Loving your gown for a little longer

We would all love our daughters to wear our beautiful Wedding Gowns one day but when fashion changes quickly its very unlikely. So how about transforming your beautiful wedding gown into their very own christening dress. A special memory for you all and another chance for you to love your dress for a little longer once again.

Amy Writes

On my first visit to Daisy B. Nell, Helen picked the most beautifully perfect Wedding dress for me. She knew exactly what would suit me and what would reflect my personality and style. This experience was made even more special, two years later, when Helen transformed my dress into an exquisite Christening gown for my daughter. Making the decision to cut up my wedding dress was absolutely simple when I saw Helen's vision. The creation itself was incredibly beautiful. Everyone remarked on how stunning the gown was and I feel hopeful that it may now be passed down through generations.

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