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Wedding Gowns designed with you in mind

Daisy B. Nell can design and create individual gowns to suit all Weddings.

Amanda Glenn and Julie Jones Ford our beautiful brides both married their wonderful husbands in Las Vegas. The stunning Bridal gowns not only complemented the ladies own tastes but were also the perfect gowns for a Las Vegas Wedding.

Customised Wedding Dresses

For Amanda we chose an Art Couture Gown bought from Daisy B. Nell, raised the front hem, added leopard print bias binding to the edges, a leopard print belt and tiny Vegas Charms to adorn the shoulder detail.

The dress created suited Amanda's quirky style and beautiful personality.

Hand-Made Bespoke Wedding Dresses

Julie chose to create her gown from scratch. Together we sketched ideas and the final decisions were made by firstly making a mock version of the gown in calico, a process called 'toile'

Once decisions were made and fabrics chosen we then created her stunning gown which again reflected this beautiful brides personality.

Contact me to discuss your bespoke wedding dress:

Call 01386 446468 or Email

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